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Chess for three, unlike traditional chess, is played on a hexagonal board containing 96 squares of alternating colors, using white, black, and green pieces. Each player owns the same 16 pieces as in normal chess. The game is played online in Free for All mode, where players compete independently, and checkmate doesn’t win or end a game – when a player is in checkmate he loses his turn to move. If that player is later freed from the checkmate, he may move again. The game ends with the capture of a king: the first player to capture an enemy king wins the game.

Three-player chess is mentioned for the first time in some form in the book “History of Chess” by H.J.R. Murray. He cited von Möllendorf who wrote an article in German, titled “Schachspiel der Chinesen”, in 1876. A century later, in 1972, Robert Zubrin create the so-called chess for three and began to distribute it in the US. At the same time, the game began gaining popularity in Europe.

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