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Our company, as always committed to nature, has produced an

“ECO WINE” (Catalog) 

What is an “ECO WINE”?

Read the 4 basic points below and try our wine, just to get an idea:

  1. 0 % synthetic compost (we do NOT use chemical fertilisers, only natural and organic ones!)
  2. 0 % weed killers (we do NOT use weed killer, we work the land like our grandfathers did)
  3. 0 % allergens like milk and egg (our wine is clarified without the use of milk and egg)
  4. The amount of sulphites is 38 to 40 %, below the legal limits (we use state of the art techniques in our wine cellars to eliminate the use of sulphites, while maintaining perfect conservation)

We adopt a model of sustainable agriculture which is both economically beneficial and environmentally friendly. A “dynamic” model, which is, however, strictly in line with our goals to protect the environment and our customers, as well as satisfy producers. Our cultivation methods favour processes that allow us to preserve the environment as a resource, avoiding practices that damage the land and reducing the use of chemical substances to a minimum.