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World VIP Club Membership Agreement



World VIP Club with its Website platform www.world-vipclub.com is a shopping community that allows customers to become Members and to receive benefits in the form of compensations, discounts and refunds, (for details regarding the different benefits that may be earned please see Section 7 below) when they or other Members make purchases at www.world-vipclub.com. Pursuant to this “Membership Agreement”, the Member may participate in the World VIP Club community and receive benefits as set out herein (the “World VIP Club Marketing Plan”).

Тhe “World VIP Club Marketing Plan “is based on the principle that World VIP Club will exchange volume rebates from retailers, Third-Party Merchants. These rebates will be provided to World VIP Club when Members make purchases at Third-Party Merchants and World VIP Club will then use monies obtained from these rebates to confer benefits to Members, as described below. World VIP Club is not making any supply of tangible or intangible property or services and Members are not required to make any purchases from World VIP Club or provide any money or services to World VIP Club in order to benefit from the World VIP Club Marketing Plan as long as they are already active Members. All purchases will be made directly from Third-Party Merchants. All benefits accruing to Members are based on rebates received from Third-Party Merchants and passed on to Members, and all such rebates are based on the volume of purchases by Members from Third-Party Merchants.

Object of the Contract

To the extent permitted by this Membership Agreement, the Member may participate in the World VIP Club Loyalty Program and take advantage of benefits when the Member or other Members purchase goods or services from Third-Party Merchants. World VIP Club at its absolute sole discretion reserves the right to decline any application for Membership.

 Contractual Definitions

Once an applicant is approved by the World VIP Club registration team, the applicant becomes a Member and receives a personal ID Membership number. World VIP Club’s Members are strictly prohibited to make purchases/payments with or to other accounts.  In addition, Members are forbidden to solicit donations from other Members and/or conduct fundraising activities of any kind whatsoever in conjunction with their World VIP Club Membership.

Each person or legal entity may obtain only one Membership – only one ID Membership number. Country of registration is determined by the primary residence of the Member (in the case of a natural person) or the Member’s principal place of business (in the case of a legal entity). In the event of multiple registrations, the ID Number(s) registered last will be deleted and any benefits acquired through the multiple registrations will be forfeited. Multiple registrations undertaken to obtain benefits is cause for termination of the Membership Agreement by World VIP Club. A Change of Recommender/Referrer by a Member is strictly prohibited.

To become a Member, an individual must be at least 18 years of age and must not have a pending/open bankruptcy. For a legal entity to become a Member, it cannot be a not-for-profit organization, chamber of commerce, mutual benefit companies, churches, charitable foundations, and/or government agencies and must not have a pending/open bankruptcy.

When a Member makes a purchase they qualify for the compensation plan, which includes Direct VIP Bonus /Cashback/, Recommendation Bonus /Friendship Bonus/ and Monthly VIP Bonus /Percent of the total network purchases/.

The Member may recommend/refer the World VIP Club to other persons but is under no obligation to World VIP Club to do so or to succeed in such activities. Any registration made by one person on behalf of another must be done with the express consent of such other person.

The Member‘s contractual relationship is solely with World VIP Club, benefits received shall be provided by World VIP Club.

The Member represents and warrants that all information provided to World VIP Club is true, accurate, and complete when given, and the Member undertakes to inform World VIP Club in a timely manner of any change in the Member‘s registration information. World VIP Club will rely on the information provided by the Member and is not obligated to seek out such information. The Member shall be solely responsible and liable for any and all loss, damage, and cost that the Member, World VIP Club, or any other person may incur as a consequence of the submission of any false, incorrect, misleading, or incomplete information or any failure to update such Member‘s registration information. World VIP Club may require a certified copy of government-issued identification prior to making changes to the Member‘s registration information.

Your ability to earn World VIP Club Benefits is determined by your active participation in the World VIP Club. You may participate in the World VIP Club network in many ways, any of which or in combination can contribute to your active participation and ability to earn income. A few of the ways in which you may participate are: generate retail shopping volume with World VIP Club Business Partners, Join in new Members to the Club and Join in new Business Partners to the Club.All Benefits you can earn depend solely on your own efforts and abilities.

You acknowledge that no one has made promises to you that you will earn Benefits by the efforts of others or that you will earn money in a passive manner, without hard and diligent effort on your part. You further acknowledge that no one has represented to you that you are guaranteed to earn profits or a specific amount of money.

The General Terms & Conditions that you acknowledge having read represent the complete and exclusive statement of the terms and conditions of order, to the exclusion of any terms and conditions submitted by anyone else orally or in writing.

No item contained in the General Terms & Conditions may be added to, modified, superseded or otherwise altered except by written instrument signed by an authorized World VIP Club representative.

 Legislative Affiliation

This Membership Agreement does not constitute or establish and shall not be construed as creating any employment, franchise, partnership, or joint venture relationship between World VIP Club and the Member. The Member is entitled only to the benefits enumerated herein and is not entitled to any other compensation for activities undertaken in connection with the World VIP Club Loyalty Program, nor to any compensation for expenses incurred in such activities.

The Member shall be responsible for any and all payments due to applicable taxation and other governmental authorities in respect of all activities and benefits hereunder.

The Member agrees to abide by all legislation, rules and regulations of the United Kingdom applicable to activities in connection with the World VIP Club, including without limitation consumer protection law, advertising and promotions law, and insurance law. A Member who chooses to engage in promotional activities or the solicitation of new Members does so independently of World VIP Club; shall not hold herself or himself out as a representative, agent, or employee of World VIP Club; is under no obligation to World VIP Club to succeed in such activities; and shall comply and be solely responsible for compliance with all applicable laws and any legislation licensing requirements in connection with such activities. The Member shall not make any false, misleading or incorrect material statement about World VIP Club or the World VIP Club Marketing Plan, including without limitation in connection with soliciting new Members. In addition, the Member shall not make any claims of income other than those stated herein nor make any guarantees or claims of profit. The Member has no authority to act on behalf of or to incur any obligation binding on World VIP Club or its Affiliates.

The Member may not use the World VIP Club logo or name, its Third-Party Merchant’s logo or name, intellectual property in advertising documentation, by creating or using materials such as flyers, handouts, mailings, and/or brochures. The Member is prohibited from marketing, advertising, promoting or displaying the World VIP Club name, the World VIP Club Loyalty Program or the World VIP Club Loyalty Merchants on any types of motor vehicles, billboards, signs, banners, and/or via emails without the express prior written consent from World VIP Club.

Conflicts of Interest/Non-Solicitation: Members are free to participate in other multilevel or network marketing business ventures or marketing opportunities (collectively “network marketing”). However, during the term of this Agreement, Members shall not, directly or indirectly, recruit other World VIP Club Members for any other network marketing business. A violation of this restriction will subject the Member to automatic and immediate termination by World VIP Club.

A Member’s Participation in other network marketing Programs: If a Member is engaged in other non- World VIP Club direct selling programs, it is the Member’s responsibility to ensure that his or her World VIP Club business is operated entirely separate and apart from any other program. To this end, the following conditions must be adhered to:

Members are strictly prohibited to:

–        Sell, or attempt to sell, any competing non- World VIP Club programs, products or services to World VIP Club Members;

–        Any program, product or services in the same generic categories as World VIP Club products or services is deemed to be competing, regardless of differences in cost, quality or other distinguishing factors.;

A Member shall not:

–        Display World VIP Club promotional material, sales aids, products or services with or in the same location as, any non- World VIP Club promotional material or sales aids, products or services;

–        Offer the World VIP Club opportunity, products or services to prospective or existing Members in conjunction with any non- World VIP Club program, opportunity, product or service;

–         Offer any non- World VIP Club opportunity, products, and services at any World VIP Club related meeting, seminar, convention, webinar, teleconference, or other function. A violation of this restriction will subject the Member to automatic and immediate termination by World VIP Club.

A  Member may not, without the prior written consent of World VIP Club:


–         Use World VIP Club or Third-Party Merchant name(s), logos, identification marks, documentation, or promotional materials or the like;

–        Recruit retailers, wholesalers, or other merchants or companies that offer goods or services to customers as Third-Party Merchants or Members, or conduct negotiations or preliminary discussions or carry out any sort of promotional activity whatsoever to recruit such companies. Must not attempt to respond to media inquiries regarding World VIP Club, its products or services, or their independent World VIP Club business. All inquiries by any type of media must be immediately referred to World VIP Club’s office. This policy is designed to assure that accurate and consistent information is provided to the public as well as a proper public image.

–        Members are strictly prohibited from initiating any type of interactions with the media.

–        Members who are interested in participating in promotional activities and events with the approval of World VIP Club may contact World VIP Club by email to: info@world-vipclub.com.

This Membership Agreement does not cover or include the terms and conditions under which a Third-Party Merchant deals with its customers, including Members, and any purchase of goods or services by a Member from a Third-Party Merchant online shopping, all of which are governed exclusively by the terms and conditions of such Third-Party Merchant. The return policy applicable to any purchase will be established directly by the Third-Party Merchant

This Membership Agreement shall remain in force until terminated pursuant to section “Termination”.